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i am playing more then 10 years. my favourite sports are soccer and tennis. usually i put my bet based on h2h results and statistics...
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All picks Won Void Lost Half won Half lost
14620 6569 112 7935 4 0
Profit Yield Hit rate Average odds
-5896.93 -1.79 44.96 2.38
Time left Event Stake Prediction Odds Bookmaker
Nothing here
Date Event Stake Profit Result Bookmaker
Tennis12.07.2024 *InternationalE. Spizzirri vs H. Grenier 31 -31 lost 1xBET
Tennis12.07.2024 *InternationalD. Medvedev vs C. Alcaraz 32 +17.92 won Bet365
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalA. Bondar vs P. Marcinko 18 +31.50 won Pinnacle Sports
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalE. Arango vs C. Werner 29 +20.88 won Pinnacle Sports
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalA. Forger vs M. Houkes 27 -27 lost Bet365
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalT. Setodji vs P. Martin Tiffon 26 +22.62 won 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalD. Popko vs C. Cretu 29 +20.88 won Pinnacle Sports
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalR. Collignon vs M. Wiskandt 28 -28 lost 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalG. Topalova vs G. Feistel 19 -19 lost Pinnacle Sports
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalA. Rus vs M. Laki 27 +21.33 won 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalE. Bennemann vs Y. In-Albon 26 -26 lost 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalG. da Silva Fick vs T. Martincova 28 +20.72 won Bet365
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalM. Bolkvadze vs D. Snigur 28 -28 lost Bet365
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalD. Vekic vs J. Paolini 19 -19 lost Bet365
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalS. Lansere vs L. Boskovic 26 canceled Bet365
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalA. Li vs K. Kawa 28 +21.00 won Bet365
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalL. Ebeling Koning vs V. Mboko 26 -26 lost 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalM. Huesler vs H. Medjedovic 24 +24.72 won Bet365
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalA. Pecci vs H. Rocha 27 canceled 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalE. Demanet vs G. Den Ouden 25 +25.00 won Pinnacle Sports
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalM. Helgo vs A. Hrastar 27 +21.33 won 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalJ. Zawadzka vs E. Tverijonaite 29 +20.88 won 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalV. Marysko vs K. Sultanov 27 +22.41 won Bet365
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalA. Guillen Meza vs I. Miletich 25 +24.00 won 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalA. Escoffier vs R. Zusman 26 +23.40 won Pinnacle Sports
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalL. Raquillet vs E. Voisin 29 +20.88 won Bet365
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalM. Kalyakina vs A. Rushiti 27 -27 lost 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalV. Hruncakova vs T. Sugnaux 27 -27 lost 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalV. Kopriva vs I. Buse 28 -28 lost Bet365
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalD. Obradovic vs F. Maestrelli 25 +24.25 won Bet365
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalO. Prihodko vs A. Fiorentini 27 canceled 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalE. Coulibaly vs K. Ibrahim 26 +22.36 won 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalT. Schold vs M. Gorokhov 27 +21.60 won Pinnacle Sports
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalN. Visker vs R. Van Tilburg 27 +21.33 won Bet365
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalM. Maslenkova vs M. Szostak 29 -29 lost 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalE. Renard vs C. Noel 26 -26 lost 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalV. Olyanovskaya vs K. Barnes 27 -27 lost 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalO. Simion vs Y. Naito 25 +24.00 won 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalA. Robbe vs G. Knutson 24 -24 lost 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalB. Djuric vs N. Djosic 28 canceled 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalM. Hopp vs D. Michalski 30 +19.80 won 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalV. Basel vs G. Onclin 26 -26 lost 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalS. Drugdova vs Z. Pawlikowska 26 +23.92 won 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalP. Herbert vs D. Ajdukovic 23 +26.91 won Bet365
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalB. Van De Zandschulp vs H. Squire 27 -27 lost Bet365
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalJ. M. Cerundolo vs D. Vallejo 27 -27 lost Bet365
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalD. Parry vs M. Trevisan 28 -28 lost Bet365
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalA. Mitu vs E. Jacquemot 25 +24.00 won Bet365
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalJ. Kupcic vs P. Heller 29 +20.88 won Pinnacle Sports
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalJ. Cizek vs S. Andre 24 -24 lost 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalL. Tessa vs V. Kalina 28 +20.44 won 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalA. Sanchez Quilez vs R. Pascual Ferra 29 -29 lost Bet365
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalL. Marmousez vs A. Walch 29 +20.30 won 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalD. Marcinkevica vs V. Diatchenko 28 +20.44 won Bet365
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalM. Gengel vs K. Filar 27 -27 lost Pinnacle Sports
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalN. Mashtakov vs K. Zuk 29 -29 lost Pinnacle Sports
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalM. Benchakroun vs P. Araujo 27 -27 lost 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalJ. Nylander Altelius vs E. McDonald 27 +22.41 won 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalS. Sierra vs S. Samir 28 -28 lost 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalC. Denolly vs V. Tonejc 28 +21.28 won 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalA. Panaras vs L. Bouquet 29 -29 lost 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalM. Poljicak vs M. Homberg 25 -25 lost 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalA. Coccioli vs G. Bosio 27 -27 lost 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalB. Artnak vs M. Bassem Sobhy 26 -26 lost Pinnacle Sports
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalE. Ivanova vs M. Bayerlova 26 -26 lost 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalM. Leonard vs T. Kostic 26 -26 lost Bet365
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalR. Matsuda vs L. Klimovicova 25 -25 lost 1xBET
Tennis11.07.2024 *InternationalT. Stringer vs D. Kellovsky 29 -29 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalD. Martin vs L. Saville 26 canceled 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalG. Young vs A. McHugh 28 -28 lost Bet365
Soccer10.07.2024 *InternationalNetherlands vs England 15 -15 lost 1xBET
Soccer10.07.2024 *InternationalBorac Banja Luka vs Egnatia 27 +21.33 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalW. Thayne vs N. Ponwith 24 -24 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalE. Escobedo vs L. Cloud 27 +21.60 won 1xBET
Soccer10.07.2024 ArgentinaDep. Merlo vs Liniers 16 -16 lost Pinnacle Sports
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalP. Sekulic vs B. Bonzi 26 +23.92 won Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalA. Azkara vs K. Ogura 28 +20.72 won 1xBET
Soccer10.07.2024 *InternationalSlovan Bratislava vs Struga 34 +15.30 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalE. Hadigian vs A. Bernard 30 -30 lost Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalA. Rus vs M. Hodzic 22 -22 lost Bet365
Soccer10.07.2024 *InternationalFlora vs Celje 34 +15.98 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalL. Draxl vs H. Grenier 27 +21.60 won Pinnacle Sports
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalV. Iakubenko vs Z. Sesko 25 +24.25 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalN. Jadoun vs M. Gorokhov 26 +23.92 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalT. Skatov vs T. Monteiro 25 -25 lost Pinnacle Sports
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalM. Rakotomalala vs M. Szostak 27 +22.95 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalJ. Grabher vs J. Gimbrere 29 +20.30 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalM. Martinez Vaquero vs V. Diatchenko 27 -27 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalA. Neff vs R. Patil 29 +20.01 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalC. Ugo Carabelli vs V. Royer 32 -32 lost Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalA. Grassi vs L. Moyano 27 -27 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalS. Rabin vs N. Sousa Salazar 27 -27 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalB. Butulija vs R. Hermassi 27 +22.14 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalN. Makhlouf vs P. Araujo 26 +22.88 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalA. Ouakaa vs M. Alkaya 28 -28 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalS. Trkulja vs A. Setkic 28 +21.28 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalS. Bojica vs M. Matoula 29 -29 lost Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalP. Cachin vs S. Nagal 29 -29 lost WilliamHill
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalG. Biondolillo vs J. P. Paz 28 +21.84 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalM. Dimic vs G. Bosio 24 -24 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalD. Paty vs A. Funk 27 -27 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalC. Assi vs C. Markus 28 +21.56 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalM. Bougrat vs J. Konishi 26 +23.66 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalJ. Ortenzi vs A. Caceres 27 +21.33 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalC. Romero vs M. Gomez Pezuela Cano 28 -28 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalJ. Pereira vs I. Gimenez 28 -28 lost Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalG. Topalova vs L. Tran 29 +20.59 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalV. Lepchenko vs M. Kozyreva 28 -28 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalE. Rybakina vs E. Svitolina 29 +20.59 won Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalJ. Middendorf vs M. Drozd 29 +20.59 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalH. Vandewinkel vs L. Meyer Auf Der Heide 26 +22.62 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalK. Kawa vs J. Cristian 24 -24 lost Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalM. Mateas vs M. Sherif 28 +20.72 won Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalF. Pieczonka vs O. Krutykh 27 -27 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalD. Radanovic vs Y. Morderger 27 +22.41 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalGranollers/ Zeballos vs Krawietz/ Puetz 32 +16.64 won Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalC. Hernandez vs D. Kellovsky 28 +21.28 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalM. Homberg vs S. Dominko 29 -29 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalL. Tessa vs E. Ivanisevic 27 -27 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalN. Radovanovic vs Y. In-Albon 29 +20.88 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalD. Mpetshi Perricard vs S. Atay 26 +22.36 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalJ. Choinski vs A. Moro Canas 27 +22.41 won Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalF. Coria vs M. Kasnikowski 28 +21.28 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalA. K. Schmiedlova vs K. Zavatska 30 -30 lost Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalL. Bronzetti vs K. Baindl 26 -26 lost Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalM. Whitehouse vs J. McCabe 28 -28 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalM. Erhard vs I. Marrero Curbelo 29 +20.30 won Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalF. Van Sambeek vs E. Kirkin 26 -26 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalJ. Wojcik vs G. Den Ouden 27 -27 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalN. Colne vs A. Walch 26 -26 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalG. Debru vs F. Salle 28 +20.72 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalA. Hoang vs M. St-Hilaire 26 -26 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalM. Kukushkin vs C. Garin 26 +23.66 won Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalB. Van De Zandschulp vs B. Hassan 27 +22.95 won Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalH. Squire vs M. H. Rehberg 32 +16.96 won WilliamHill
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalN. Hornitschek vs V. Vales 26 -26 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalP. Michocki vs C. Rodesch 24 -24 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalD. Markovina vs J. Cizek 25 -25 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalA. De Minaur vs N. Djokovic 31 canceled Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalJ. Ostapenko vs B. Krejcikova 33 -33 lost Pinnacle Sports
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalC. Gasparovic vs A. Obradovic 26 +22.88 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalE. Ivanova vs E. Jaeger 28 +21.56 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalM. Leonard vs M. Sawant 29 -29 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalA. Ibragimova vs L. Boskovic 30 +19.50 won Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalT. Lukas vs A. Fita Boluda 20 -20 lost Pinnacle Sports
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalE. Maklakova vs O. Selekhmeteva 28 +20.72 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalM. Benchakroun vs Dar. Blanch 26 -26 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalB. Blaydes vs T. Pereira 28 +20.44 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalA. Kalender vs A. Panaras 26 -26 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalF. Krolo vs G. Decamps 27 +22.95 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalS. Rocchetti vs K. Quevedo 28 -28 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalS. Sierra vs E. Guerrero Alvarez 26 +23.66 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalA. Tubello vs D. Tran 24 -24 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalS. Lansere vs T. Pieri 27 -27 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalM. Bulgaru vs M. Trevisan 27 +21.87 won Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalT. Zidansek vs T. Korpatsch 21 canceled Pinnacle Sports
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalD. Parry vs D. Semenistaja 25 +23.75 won Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalD. Martynov vs M. Rouvroy 28 +21.56 won Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalJ. Barnat vs N. Ciavarella 27 canceled 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalT. Cigarran vs N. Puntaric 27 -27 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalM. Dhamne vs P. Heller 26 +22.88 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalM. Mikovic vs M. Tammaro 26 +23.40 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalL. Veselic vs M. Fondriest 24 +25.68 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalE. Demanet vs P. De Lange 27 +22.95 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalR. Hartig vs E. Grevelius 27 -27 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalC. Bouchelaghem vs E. Voisin 28 +21.00 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalV. Olyanovskaya vs O. Bergler 25 +24.00 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalH. Kobayashi vs Ab. Vemuri 26 -26 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalT. Andrianjafitrimo vs A. Robbe 26 -26 lost Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalR. Bhatia vs G. Knutson 25 +23.25 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalM. Kubka vs D. Snigur 26 -26 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalK. Sebov vs A. Poplavska 28 +21.00 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalA. Voloshchuk vs A. Zakharova 29 +20.88 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalS. Van Emst vs G. Feistel 27 -27 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalN. Kuhn vs P. Herbert 20 +29.00 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalM. Masic vs K. Bartone 29 +20.30 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalT. Kostic vs K. Mansfield 26 -26 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalV. Meliss vs T. Paszek 29 +20.88 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalR. McAdoo vs V. Jimenez Kasintseva 27 +22.95 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalT. Stringer vs N. Lulic 27 +21.60 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalS. Beaupain vs T. Ruehl 25 -25 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalS. Kielan vs F. Einig 29 -29 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalM. Rajski vs A. Wazny 27 +22.41 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalC. Denolly vs A. Bodmer 27 -27 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalJ. Trinker vs L. Bouquet 27 -27 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalR. Collignon vs L. Poertner 26 +23.40 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalV. Marysko vs M. Donald 28 -28 lost Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalA. Matusevich vs W. Leite 27 -27 lost Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalN. Niedner vs N. Zanellato 27 +21.60 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalK. Wehnelt vs K. Sultanov 28 +21.84 won Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalG. Perego vs J. Domingues 29 -29 lost Pinnacle Sports
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalN. Perfetti vs K. Kivattsev 28 -28 lost Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalM. Klizan vs A. Martin 25 -25 lost Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalL. Castelnuovo vs A. Martinez 29 canceled Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalA. Escoffier vs L. Garcia Paez 25 +23.75 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalM. Villet vs E. Shebekina 28 +20.44 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalA. Wildgruber vs C. Bechri 27 +22.68 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalB. Szabo vs O. Simion 27 -27 lost Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalV. Savinykh vs L. Cabrera 26 -26 lost Bet365
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalV. Strakhova vs A. Koevermans 27 +22.14 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalB. Artnak vs J. Gschwendtner 25 -25 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalL. Castagnola vs M. Vetrih 27 +22.41 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalS. Drugdova vs H. Buchwald 27 +21.33 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalM. Podlinska vs K. Kuzmova 28 +21.84 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalM. Soriano Santiago vs E. Burdina 28 +20.44 won 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalK. Stresnakova vs N. Daubnerova 29 -29 lost 1xBET
Tennis10.07.2024 *InternationalA. Waligora vs F. Norin 29 -29 lost 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalA. Martin vs T. Atmane 28 +21.28 won Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalM. Farzam vs M. Jones 27 +22.41 won 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalK. Smith vs N. Filin 29 +20.59 won 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalB. Walker vs M. Ikemori 28 +21.28 won 1xBET
Soccer09.07.2024 *InternationalSpain vs France 17 -17 lost Pinnacle Sports
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalM. Klizan vs L. Malgaroli 27 -27 lost 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalD. Palan vs I. Urribarrens Ramirez 29 -29 lost Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalK. Rice vs E. Spizzirri 25 -25 lost Pinnacle Sports
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalJ.J. Wolf vs A. Gea 27 +22.41 won Pinnacle Sports
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalM. Viviani vs C. Romeo 26 -26 lost 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalM. Capurro Taborda vs L. Ebeling Koning 28 +20.72 won 1xBET
Soccer09.07.2024 *InternationalFK Panevezys vs HJK 20 -20 lost Bwin
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalJ. J. Schwaerzler vs M. Huesler 24 +24.48 won Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalM. Topo vs S. Prechtel 26 -26 lost 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalJ. Paolini vs E. Navarro 19 +30.78 won Pinnacle Sports
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalE. Pridankina vs E. Jacquemot 27 -27 lost Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalH. Coquelin vs A. Gray 27 canceled 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalC. Alcaraz vs T. Paul 28 +21.28 won Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalJ. P. Ficovich vs A. Ramos 26 -26 lost Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalZ. Kolar vs H. Medjedovic 25 canceled 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalA. Andreev vs S. Gulin 28 canceled Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalD. E. Galan vs M. Moeller 24 +25.92 won Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalR. Carballes Baena vs R. Molleker 25 +25.00 won Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalO. Pieczkowski vs A. Gola 27 +21.87 won 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalJ. Sinner vs D. Medvedev 30 +19.80 won Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalE. Arango vs C. Perrin 27 +21.87 won Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalA. Mitu vs A. Monnot 25 +23.25 won Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalD. Jakupovic vs L. Ciric Bagaric 29 -29 lost Pinnacle Sports
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalB. Djuric vs N. Kolyachev 28 -28 lost 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalL. Zima vs G. Onclin 28 +20.44 won 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalK. Edmund vs L. Bowden 26 -26 lost 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalG. Loffhagen vs G. Houghton 25 -25 lost 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalA. Dougaz vs G. Perego 26 -26 lost 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalL. Sun vs D. Vekic 28 +20.72 won Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalV. Kopriva vs T. Kodat 27 -27 lost Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalD. Pichler vs T. Skatov 23 +25.76 won Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalL. Neumayer vs M. Guinard 26 +23.92 won Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalA. Guerrieri vs H. Rocha 25 -25 lost Pinnacle Sports
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalD. Semenistaja vs M. Bjorklund 29 +19.43 won Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalM. Geerts vs B. Hassan 25 +25.00 won Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalM. H. Rehberg vs D. Altmaier 27 -27 lost 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalI. Shymanovich vs L. Pigossi 28 +21.00 won Bwin
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalB. Mott vs F. Nestola 27 +21.87 won 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalL. Simkiss vs J. McCabe 28 -28 lost 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalM. Summers vs M. Benaim 27 +21.60 won 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalJ. M. Cerundolo vs I. Snitari 26 -26 lost Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalF. Coria vs D. Jorda Sanchis 25 +24.25 won Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalB. Rola vs T. Monteiro 26 -26 lost Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalA. Oetzbach vs S. Kopp 27 +22.95 won Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalE. Dalla Valle vs F. Passaro 28 -28 lost Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalG. Bueno vs L. Carboni 28 +21.00 won Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalT. Franco vs F. Bondioli 26 +23.40 won 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalO. Prihodko vs L. Carnevalle 28 -28 lost 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalB. Massacri vs G. Cadenasso 28 -28 lost 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalG. Oradini vs O. Brigida 24 -24 lost 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalH. Stevic vs M. Bayerlova 27 -27 lost 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalA. Bakker vs D. Salkova 28 -28 lost 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalT. Gentzsch vs P. Herbert 27 -27 lost Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalS. Slump vs D. Ajdukovic 26 -26 lost Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalT. Seyboth Wild vs N. Kuhn 26 canceled 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalB. Van De Zandschulp vs M. Martineau 26 +22.88 won Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalR. Faucon vs T. Schold 26 canceled 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalP. Kudermetova vs M. Sherif 25 canceled Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalE. Lumsden vs M. Southcombe 29 +20.30 won 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalL. Namigandet Tenguere vs E. Hudd 26 +23.92 won Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalF. Peliwo vs Pa. Tsitsipas 27 +22.41 won 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalJ. Nylander Altelius vs M. Bordereau 26 +23.66 won 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalB. Bobrov vs F. C. Jianu 28 canceled 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalK. Jacquet vs T. Daniel 26 -26 lost Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalT. A. Tirante vs S. Rodriguez Taverna 27 +21.87 won Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalJ. Faria vs D. Obradovic 27 -27 lost Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalA. K. Schmiedlova vs E. Makarova 27 -27 lost Bwin
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalE. Seidel vs T. Korpatsch 27 +21.60 won Pinnacle Sports
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalN. Taraba Wallberg vs J. Cristian 24 +24.24 won Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalN. Podoroska vs D. Martynov 24 -24 lost Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalO. Ovcharenko vs G. Crisostomo 27 -27 lost 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalV. Hruncakova vs L. Petretic 27 -27 lost 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalM. Dodig vs C. Garin 28 -28 lost Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalF. Meligeni Alves vs S. Nagal 26 +23.66 won Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalP. Hjorth vs D. Minighini 29 +20.30 won 1xBET
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalG. A. Boitan vs N. Moreno De Alboran 29 -29 lost Bet365
Tennis09.07.2024 *InternationalS. Gima vs A. Shelbayh 26 +23.92 won 1xBET
Soccer07.07.2024 ArgentinaFerro vs San Martin T. 16 -16 lost 1xBET
Soccer07.07.2024 ArgentinaQuilmes vs CA Estudiantes 17 -17 lost Pinnacle Sports
Soccer07.07.2024 ArgentinaUnion Sunchales vs Juventud Antoniana 16 -16 lost WilliamHill
Soccer07.07.2024 ArgentinaChaco For Ever vs Nueva Chicago 17 -17 lost Pinnacle Sports
Soccer07.07.2024 ArgentinaCentral Norte vs San Martin Formosa 14 -14 lost Pinnacle Sports
Soccer07.07.2024 ArgentinaGimnasia Jujuy vs San Martin S.J. 17 -17 lost 1xBET
Soccer07.07.2024 ArgentinaPatronato vs Tristan Suarez 16 -16 lost 1xBET
Soccer07.07.2024 ArgentinaDeportivo Maipu vs Arsenal Sarandi 15 -15 lost 1xBET
Soccer07.07.2024 ArgentinaBoca Unidos vs Sarmiento Resistencia 26 -26 lost 1xBET
Soccer07.07.2024 ArgentinaCipolletti vs Germinal 15 +33.00 won Pinnacle Sports
Soccer07.07.2024 ArgentinaSportivo Estudiantes vs Juventud U.U. 17 -17 lost 1xBET
Basketball07.07.2024 *InternationalSpain vs Bahamas 14 -14 lost Bet365
Soccer07.07.2024 ArgentinaSan Miguel vs Chacarita Juniors 16 -16 lost Pinnacle Sports
Soccer07.07.2024 ArgentinaDefensores Unidos vs Aldosivi 17 -17 lost WilliamHill
Soccer07.07.2024 ArgentinaAlvarado vs Agropecuario 17 -17 lost Pinnacle Sports
Soccer07.07.2024 ArgentinaDef. de Belgrano vs Deportivo Moron 15 +33.75 won Pinnacle Sports
Soccer07.07.2024 ArgentinaRacing Cordoba vs All Boys 17 -17 lost Pinnacle Sports
Soccer07.07.2024 ArgentinaCirculo Deportivo vs Santamarina 17 -17 lost 1xBET
Soccer07.07.2024 ArgentinaDef. Pronunciamiento vs El Linqueno 14 -14 lost Pinnacle Sports
Soccer07.07.2024 ArgentinaDeportivo Rincon vs Villa Mitre 17 +30.94 won 1xBET
Soccer07.07.2024 ArgentinaDef. de Cambaceres vs General Lamadrid 14 -14 lost WilliamHill
Soccer07.07.2024 ArgentinaCentral Ballester vs Juventud Unida S. M. 17 -17 lost Bwin
Soccer07.07.2024 ArgentinaDeportivo Espanol vs Mercedes 27 +21.60 won WilliamHill
Basketball07.07.2024 *InternationalCroatia vs Greece 25 -25 lost Pinnacle Sports
Tennis07.07.2024 *InternationalH. Habib vs T. Baadi 27 -27 lost Bet365
Tennis07.07.2024 *InternationalC. Harper vs A. Mayo 30 +19.50 won Bet365
Soccer07.07.2024 NorwayRosenborg vs Odd 30 +18.60 won Bet365
Tennis07.07.2024 *InternationalR. Gailis vs I. Houghton 28 +21.56 won 1xBET
Soccer07.07.2024 ArgentinaSan Telmo vs Gimnasia Mendoza 16 +33.60 won Pinnacle Sports
Tennis07.07.2024 *InternationalK. Poling vs E. Spizzirri 27 +21.60 won Pinnacle Sports
Soccer07.07.2024 EgyptEl Gouna vs Ceramica Cleopatra 14 +33.32 won 1xBET
Soccer07.07.2024 EgyptZamalek vs El Ismaily 32 +17.60 won Bwin
Soccer07.07.2024 ArgentinaYupanqui vs Berazategui 15 -15 lost WilliamHill
Tennis07.07.2024 *InternationalG. Dimitrov vs D. Medvedev 10 canceled 1xBET
Soccer07.07.2024 NorwayMolde vs Lillestrom 33 +16.50 won Bet365
Soccer07.07.2024 NorwayKFUM Oslo vs Viking 19 +30.40 won Pinnacle Sports
Soccer07.07.2024 ArgentinaSportivo Las Parejas vs Independiente Chivilcoy 16 -16 lost Pinnacle Sports
Tennis07.07.2024 *InternationalM. Moeller vs N. Schell 28 -28 lost Bet365
Tennis07.07.2024 *InternationalJ. Sinner vs B. Shelton 11 -11 lost Bwin
Tennis07.07.2024 *InternationalM. Bourgue vs J. Simundza 28 +21.28 won Bet365
Soccer07.07.2024 *InternationalAngola vs Namibia 18 -18 lost WilliamHill
Tennis07.07.2024 *InternationalM. Haliak vs N. Hipfl 28 -28 lost Bet365
Tennis07.07.2024 *InternationalP. Sakamoto vs A. Stater 27 +22.41 won 1xBET
Tennis07.07.2024 *InternationalN. Basilashvili vs P. B. Privara 28 -28 lost Bet365
Tennis07.07.2024 *InternationalC. Alcaraz vs U. Humbert 13 +35.10 won Bwin
Tennis07.07.2024 *InternationalM. Geerts vs C. Bittoun 28 +21.56 won Bet365
Tennis07.07.2024 *InternationalA. Weis vs F. Romano 29 -29 lost Bet365
Tennis07.07.2024 *InternationalJ. Mikulskyte vs D. Martynov 25 canceled 1xBET
Tennis07.07.2024 *InternationalT. Paul vs R. Bautista-Agut 13 -13 lost Bwin
Tennis07.07.2024 *InternationalF. Agamenone vs Y. Milev 22 -22 lost 1xBET
Tennis07.07.2024 *InternationalS. Slump vs J. Forejtek 27 canceled 1xBET
Tennis07.07.2024 *InternationalL. Borg vs T. Stodder 28 +21.28 won Bet365
Tennis07.07.2024 *InternationalM. Alves vs R. Collignon 29 -29 lost 1xBET
Tennis07.07.2024 *InternationalD. Dutra Da Silva vs D. Obradovic 27 -27 lost Bet365
Tennis07.07.2024 *InternationalE. Donskoy vs Y. Zhou 26 -26 lost 1xBET
Soccer07.07.2024 *InternationalComoros vs Mozambique 17 +32.64 won 1xBET
Tennis07.07.2024 *InternationalM. Houkes vs J. Sperle 27 canceled Pinnacle Sports
Tennis07.07.2024 *InternationalE. Seidel vs C. Dinu 25 +24.00 won 1xBET
Tennis07.07.2024 *InternationalP. Badosa vs D. Vekic 27 -27 lost Bet365
Soccer07.07.2024 JapanAvispa Fukuoka vs Kyoto 25 -25 lost Bet365
Soccer07.07.2024 JapanEhime vs Kusatsu 23 -23 lost Bet365
Tennis07.07.2024 *InternationalM. Karol vs A. Zakharov 27 +22.14 won 1xBET
Soccer06.07.2024 ArgentinaGutierrez Mendoza vs Deportivo Camioneros 16 +32.00 won Pinnacle Sports
Soccer06.07.2024 *InternationalNetherlands vs Turkey 20 -20 lost Bet365
Basketball06.07.2024 *InternationalDominican Republic vs Croatia 11 -11 lost Pinnacle Sports
Soccer06.07.2024 ArgentinaVilla San Carlos vs San Martin Burzaco 17 +32.47 won 1xBET
Soccer06.07.2024 ArgentinaSportivo Italiano vs Acassuso 18 -18 lost Pinnacle Sports
Soccer06.07.2024 ArgentinaComunicaciones vs Dep. Merlo 16 -16 lost Pinnacle Sports
Soccer06.07.2024 ArgentinaDeportivo Madryn vs CA Mitre 17 -17 lost Bet365
Soccer06.07.2024 EgyptZED vs National Bank Egypt 15 -15 lost WilliamHill
Soccer06.07.2024 *InternationalEngland vs Switzerland 25 +24.25 won Bet365
Tennis06.07.2024 *InternationalA. Popyrin vs N. Djokovic 26 -26 lost Pinnacle Sports
Basketball06.07.2024 *InternationalGreece vs Slovenia 14 -14 lost WilliamHill
Soccer06.07.2024 EgyptSmouha vs Enppi 16 -16 lost 1xBET
Tennis06.07.2024 *InternationalI. Swiatek vs Y. Putintseva 26 -26 lost Bet365
Soccer06.07.2024 EgyptArab Contractors vs Future FC 15 canceled 1xBET
Tennis06.07.2024 *InternationalC. Norrie vs A. Zverev 27 -27 lost Pinnacle Sports
Tennis06.07.2024 *InternationalT. Fritz vs A. Tabilo 29 +20.88 won Pinnacle Sports
Tennis06.07.2024 *InternationalH. Rune vs Q. Halys 24 -24 lost Bet365
Tennis06.07.2024 *InternationalB. Pera vs J. Ostapenko 29 +20.88 won Bet365
Tennis06.07.2024 *InternationalG. Mpetshi Perricard vs E. Ruusuvuori 34 +15.30 won Bet365
Tennis06.07.2024 *InternationalA. Fils vs R. Safiullin 31 +17.67 won Bet365
Tennis06.07.2024 *InternationalF. Comesana vs L. Musetti 28 +21.00 won 1xBET
Tennis06.07.2024 *InternationalB. Krejcikova vs J. Bouzas Maneiro 34 canceled Bet365
Tennis06.07.2024 *InternationalD. Collins vs B. Haddad Maia 30 +19.80 won Pinnacle Sports
Tennis05.07.2024 *InternationalL. Draxl vs K. Poling 27 canceled Pinnacle Sports
Tennis05.07.2024 *InternationalK. Sell vs E. van Loben Sels 27 +21.87 won 1xBET
Soccer05.07.2024 *InternationalPortugal vs France 16 +32.96 won 1xBET
Soccer05.07.2024 ArgentinaFenix vs Los Andes 17 +32.30 won Pinnacle Sports
Tennis05.07.2024 *InternationalK. Ogura vs S. Dostanic 26 +23.14 won 1xBET
Tennis05.07.2024 *InternationalJ.J. Wolf vs S. Kozlov 29 -29 lost Bet365
Soccer05.07.2024 *InternationalMozambique vs Namibia 18 +31.86 won 1xBET
Soccer05.07.2024 *InternationalSpain vs Germany 15 +33.00 won 1xBET
Tennis05.07.2024 *InternationalR. Seggerman vs G. Brouwer 24 -24 lost Bet365
Tennis05.07.2024 *InternationalG. Dimitrov vs G. Monfils 30 -30 lost Bet365
Soccer05.07.2024 *InternationalComoros vs Angola 17 -17 lost 1xBET
Tennis05.07.2024 *InternationalJ-L. Struff vs D. Medvedev 33 +15.84 won Bet365
Tennis05.07.2024 *InternationalM. Laki vs A. Fita Boluda 27 -27 lost 1xBET
Tennis05.07.2024 *InternationalD. Shapovalov vs B. Shelton 34 +14.96 won Bet365
Tennis05.07.2024 *InternationalD. Yastremska vs D. Vekic 15 -15 lost Pinnacle Sports
Tennis05.07.2024 *InternationalR. Bautista-Agut vs F. Fognini 31 +18.60 won Bet365
Tennis05.07.2024 *InternationalT. Paul vs A. Bublik 32 -32 lost Bet365
Tennis05.07.2024 *InternationalB. Nakashima vs U. Humbert 34 +14.96 won Bet365
Tennis05.07.2024 *InternationalJ. Echeverria vs I. Buse 27 +21.60 won Pinnacle Sports
Tennis05.07.2024 *InternationalD. Shnaider vs E. Navarro 29 +20.30 won Bet365
Tennis05.07.2024 *InternationalD. Kasatkina vs P. Badosa 28 -28 lost Bet365
Tennis05.07.2024 *InternationalD. Popko vs S. Palosi 28 -28 lost 1xBET
Tennis05.07.2024 *InternationalP. M. Tig vs L. Tanasie 27 +21.60 won 1xBET
Soccer02.07.2024 *InternationalMozambique vs Botswana 17 -17 lost Pinnacle Sports
Soccer02.07.2024 *InternationalComoros vs Zambia 17 -17 lost Pinnacle Sports
Soccer02.07.2024 *InternationalKenya vs Zimbabwe 16 -16 lost Pinnacle Sports
Tennis02.07.2024 *InternationalV. Kopriva vs N. Djokovic 28 +21.00 won Bet365
Tennis02.07.2024 *InternationalJ. Munar vs B. Harris 31 -31 lost Bet365
Tennis02.07.2024 *InternationalA. Murray vs T. Machac 14 canceled Bet365
Tennis02.07.2024 *InternationalK. Nishikori vs A. Rinderknech 31 +18.91 won Bet365
Tennis02.07.2024 *InternationalY. Nishioka vs N. Borges 32 +16.96 won Bet365
Tennis02.07.2024 *InternationalA. Rublev vs F. Comesana 26 -26 lost Pinnacle Sports
Tennis02.07.2024 *InternationalE. Ruusuvuori vs M. McDonald 32 +16.96 won Bet365
Tennis02.07.2024 *InternationalR. Safiullin vs F. Cerundolo 33 +16.50 won Bet365
Tennis02.07.2024 *InternationalF. Auger-Aliassime vs T. Kokkinakis 31 +17.67 won Bet365
Tennis02.07.2024 *InternationalR. Carballes Baena vs A. Zverev 27 +21.60 won 1xBET
Tennis02.07.2024 *InternationalF. Cobolli vs R. Hijikata 33 +16.50 won Bet365
Tennis02.07.2024 *InternationalT. M. Etcheverry vs L. Nardi 32 -32 lost Bet365
Tennis02.07.2024 *InternationalD. Evans vs A. Tabilo 16 -16 lost Bet365
Tennis02.07.2024 *InternationalA. Fils vs D. Stricker 32 +17.92 won Bet365
Tennis02.07.2024 *InternationalQ. Halys vs C. Eubanks 34 -34 lost Bet365
Tennis02.07.2024 *InternationalK. Boulter vs T. Maria 10 -10 lost Bet365
Tennis02.07.2024 *InternationalF. Jones vs P. Martic 25 +23.50 won Bet365
Tennis02.07.2024 *InternationalE. Rybakina vs G. Ruse 28 +21.84 won Bet365
Tennis02.07.2024 *InternationalI. Swiatek vs S. Kenin 27 -27 lost Pinnacle Sports
Tennis02.07.2024 *InternationalJ. Bouzas Maneiro vs M. Vondrousova 27 +22.95 won Bet365
Soccer01.07.2024 ArgentinaSacachispas vs Comunicaciones 17 +32.47 won 1xBET
Soccer01.07.2024 ArgentinaLaferrere vs Argentino de Quilmes 16 +32.00 won WilliamHill
Soccer01.07.2024 ArgentinaCSR Espanol vs Mercedes 16 -16 lost Bet365
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalO. Virtanen vs M. Purcell 34 -34 lost Bet365
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalJ. Mensik vs A. Bublik 33 +15.84 won Bet365
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalN. Osaka vs D. Parry 23 -23 lost Bet365
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalE. Bektas vs A. Sabalenka 24 canceled Bet365
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalS. Cirstea vs S. Kartal 27 -27 lost Bet365
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalD. Vekic vs Xiy. Wang 28 -28 lost Bet365
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalKa. Pliskova vs D. Shnaider 23 -23 lost Bet365
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalM. Trevisan vs M. Keys 29 -29 lost Bet365
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalB. Van De Zandschulp vs L. Broady 32 +17.28 won Bet365
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalA. Vukic vs S. Ofner 33 +16.50 won Bet365
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalL. Harris vs A. Michelsen 34 +14.96 won Bet365
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalZ. Bergs vs A. Cazaux 30 +19.20 won Bet365
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalA. Muller vs H. Gaston 31 -31 lost Bet365
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalS. Wawrinka vs C. Broom 30 +19.20 won Bet365
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalD. Altmaier vs A. Fery 25 +24.25 won Bet365
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalA. Rus vs Y. Yuan 33 -33 lost Pinnacle Sports
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalN. Hibino vs E. Mertens 31 -31 lost Bet365
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalD. Kasatkina vs S. Zhang 27 +22.95 won Bet365
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalJ. Paolini vs S. Sorribes Tormo 27 -27 lost Bet365
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalG. Monfils vs A. Mannarino 31 +17.98 won Bet365
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalD. Koepfer vs F. Fognini 33 canceled Bet365
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalJ-L. Struff vs F. Marozsan 31 +17.67 won Bwin
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalM. Arnaldi vs F. Tiafoe 29 +20.59 won Bet365
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalB. Coric vs F. Meligeni Alves 31 -31 lost Bet365
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalA. Bolt vs C. Ruud 31 -31 lost Bet365
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalC. Garin vs J. Shang 33 -33 lost Bet365
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalN. Jarry vs D. Shapovalov 34 -34 lost Bet365
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalT. Townsend vs A. Pavlyuchenkova 27 +22.95 won Bet365
Tennis01.07.2024 *InternationalL. van Assche vs F. Fognini 32 -32 lost Bet365
Picks / Month Won Void Lost Half won Half lost
426 211 0 215 0 0
Profit Yield Hit rate Average odds
-639.33 -5.80 % 49.53 % 1.99